Our Services

Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. offers a variety of services to fit all of your house moving needs. Our company has extensive experience in house lifting.  We have lifted many homes out of the Flood Plain and above the Base Flood Elevation as determined by FEMA and local governmental municipalities.  If your home has been effected by Hurricane Irma and flooded, we can protect your home from future damage by lifted and elevating it to a safe elevation.  We specialize in moving all types of structures from commercial buildings, apartment buildings, residential homes, barns, churches and office buildings. Transporting unusual equipment is also our expertise regardless of its bulk, shape or weight. We can supply all your house moving needs. House lifting for flood hazard mitigation purposes or for foundation repairs or adding a basement is another beneficial service available to protect your structural investment. Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. uses a Unified Jacking Machine system to lift homes that is safe and effective in lifting homes at a constant rate to ensure the structural integrity of the house is maintained at all times. 


John R. Landers Jr., Owner and Operator of Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. is not only an experienced specialty contractor in the structural moving industry he is also a licensed residential building contractor in the state of Georgia. With his extensive expertise in the structural moving and residential building industries he can provide consulting services which may include any aspect of house moving and house lifting and raising and foundation repair or any aspect of residential house building, remodeling, or reconstruction.

House Lifting and Flood Hazard Mitigation

Due to flooding caused by natural disasters, flood hazard mitigation may need to be performed on your home. Lifting your house above the base flood elevation as determined by FEMA and the local government municipality will protect your home investment from further damage. Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. can elevate your home to a safe elevation to protect it from flooding
Adding a full basement or replacing the foundation is further reason for lifting your home. We can raise your home 10 to 12 feet high and build a new first story, thereby making your home a two-story house.

Moving Historical Structures

Preserving the integrity of historical structures is a priority at Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. We understand the complexities of such vulnerable structures and do our best to transport them with the greatest of care. Working side by side with preservation groups, we strive to sustain these important as well as functioning pieces of history for others to appreciate and enjoy.

Commercial Building Moving and Lifting - Elevating

Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. has experience in moving commercial building.  Reusing a building is a good sustainability practice along with being good for the environment. This business practice helps keep unnecessary debris out of landfills by reusing the existing structure. Some types of commercial structures that Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. has moved are office buildings, barns/farming structures, churches, schools, apartments and bridges.

Residential House Moving

New development in an area may cause an existing neighborhood to be bought out by a developer.  In this instance, the developer can allow the current homeowners to keep their home and move it to a new location. Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. can work closely with individual homeowners to accomplish the task of moving their home to a new location.  We understand the value of preserving homes for future generations and can help you successfully accomplish this task. 

Foundation Repair

All foundations settle. Some places settle faster than others for a variety of reasons. The number one reason is soil conditions.  Storm water management issues undermining soil around the foundation is another reason a house may settle in one area more quickly than another area. Some other reasons for foundation problems are hydro-static pressure on exterior walls. Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. can solve your foundation problems with a tailored solution to your specific issue.

Floor Leveling

Have some of your floors become out of level? This may be due to the floor not being properly supported. Wood seals rotting, termite damage and concentrated weight on chimneys and interor piers may be causing the problem. Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. will evaluate the situation and customize a solution that will bring your floors back to level.