The Randolph-Lucas House. This house weighed in at 550 tons! Located at 2500 Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA

What We Do

Our experts provide all types of structure lifting, raising and moving services. We are highly experienced in all forms of foundation repair and stabilization. We are a certified provider of services for Magnum Piers and Helical Coils. We offer a wide range of services from house and structure moving and lifting to floor leveling and foundation repair. In addition to our expertise as a specialty contractor in the structural moving industry we are licensed residential contractors in the State of Georgia. We can turnkey a project from pre-construction planning to project completion. Trust us with your structural investment.

Homeowners Whose Homes Have Been Flooded

If your home has been flooded by a natural disaster, such as Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. can help you to never experience that level of destruction and devastation again.  Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. can lift your home above the Base Flood Elevation (BSE) determined by FEMA requirements.  Lifting your home will mitigate the possibility of your home experiencing damage in the future from any flood hazards.  It is likely that your current flood insurance policy has a section that provides for the "Increased Cost of Compliance." This ICC section can provide the homeowner with $30,000 dollars to use toward having their home elevated out of the flood plain.  Examine your NFIP policy for this section and speak with your insurance agent about obtaining these funds toward lifting your home.  .Also check and for information regarding "Flood Hazard  Mitigation Grants" from FEMA.  A home elevated three feet above the communities established based flood elevation can expect to see a 60% reduction in the flood insurance premium. (source Your local Flood Plain Manager is a good resource for information regarding funds available to a homeowner to have their home elevated above the flood plain.  

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Who We Are

Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC. is a premier structural moving company located in Atlanta, Georgia. We have proudly served Georga and its surrounding areas since 1956. Tell us about all of your house moving needs then we can provide a precise bid customized for your project.

At Hercules / JRLJ Enterprises LLC., we offer house lifting, house moving and structure raising services for all types and sizes of structures. Our company are third generation house movers. Our company has extensive experience in moving residential structures and historical structures, including churches. Most recently, Hercules House Movers has been recognized by the International Association of Structural Movers and received the 2013 Recognition of Outstanding Achievement for “Heaviest Structure Moved on Rubber Tires” for moving the historic Bethel United Methodist Church in Stockbridge, Georgia. Hercules House Movers Inc. also won the 2013 award for "Longest Structure Moved" for a private residence on the Chattahoochee River bank. Hercules House Movers Inc. moved the historic Dobbins Chapel on Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia for the Dobbins Chapel Foundation. We have moved historical structures for the Atlanta Historical Society in the past including the Mary Gay House, the Red Cross House and the Tulley Smith House to name a few. We also successfully moved the historical Randolph-Lucas House in Atlanta a number of years ago. We have performed many flood mitigation projects in and around Atlanta, Georgia. We have raised and leveled many homes adjacent to the Chattahoochee River and Nancy Creek. Our portfolio of projects along with our knowledge, skills and expertise in the structural lifting and moving industry qualifies us to handle your House Lifting / Moving / Foundation Repair Project and preserve your home for future generations.

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